Monday, February 4, 2013

Super Walker! The PARTY Revealed!

I have a Super Hero complex.

I always want to be the one to save-the-day.

I want to be the hero.

I want to be a rescuer.

I want to make a difference.

Little did I know, that I ...... I was the one who needed rescuing.

{insert Super Hero Walker}

In His gracious goodness, the Lord orchestrated great beauty out of the "ugly" sin had rendered in both of our lives.  He tenderly brought together a Mommy who needed a baby with a baby who needed a Mommy............. and we live happily ever after.

My little Super Hero rescuing his Mommy.  Bringing beauty to her life every day.  Pointing her to Christ & His infinte goodness with every laugh, smile, & kiss.

We celebrated FAR more than "just" Walker's 6th birthday!

It was a grand & glorious day!

Without further gushing........ here are the photos of a party thrown for my little Super Hero!

{oversharing alert}



Every child left the party with their own Super Hero cup!





Vendor Credits:
SuperHero Banner & Centerpiece Flags - Stampin' Fanatic
Cake:  Melanie McClelland
Cupcake Toppers:  Edible Details
Cookies:  Nicole Silva
Bonnie Blue Cake Pedestals:  Waiting on Martha
Super-Walker cups/favors:  I Have a Favor
Super-Walker plate:  Rosie Posie Designs
Captain America shirt & Banner for gift table:  Feathered Nest Boutique
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  1. It is amazing!! And he is the cutest lil Captain America, EVER!! <3 You pulled off a GREAT party, Mama!!

  2. Fabulous!! Happy Birthday to Walker!!

  3. The beginning of this post brought me to tears. What an awesome party for an adorable little super hero.

  4. Gorgeous party, Bethany!!! Brought tears to my eyes...each heartfelt detail!!!! So sweet!

  5. Adorable written concept by mom. Walker looked like the happiest Captain America ever at his age. haha. Hope he, mom and dad had a terrific day. Thanks for sharing. Alison C.

  6. AW! What a beautiful story. It looks like you have an amazing little family. Walker is the cutest!

  7. Adorable! The blue cake stands look fantastic! xoxo