Monday, February 4, 2013

Super Walker! The PARTY Revealed!

I have a Super Hero complex.

I always want to be the one to save-the-day.

I want to be the hero.

I want to be a rescuer.

I want to make a difference.

Little did I know, that I ...... I was the one who needed rescuing.

{insert Super Hero Walker}

In His gracious goodness, the Lord orchestrated great beauty out of the "ugly" sin had rendered in both of our lives.  He tenderly brought together a Mommy who needed a baby with a baby who needed a Mommy............. and we live happily ever after.

My little Super Hero rescuing his Mommy.  Bringing beauty to her life every day.  Pointing her to Christ & His infinte goodness with every laugh, smile, & kiss.

We celebrated FAR more than "just" Walker's 6th birthday!

It was a grand & glorious day!

Without further gushing........ here are the photos of a party thrown for my little Super Hero!

{oversharing alert}



Every child left the party with their own Super Hero cup!





Vendor Credits:
SuperHero Banner & Centerpiece Flags - Stampin' Fanatic
Cake:  Melanie McClelland
Cupcake Toppers:  Edible Details
Cookies:  Nicole Silva
Bonnie Blue Cake Pedestals:  Waiting on Martha
Super-Walker cups/favors:  I Have a Favor
Super-Walker plate:  Rosie Posie Designs
Captain America shirt & Banner for gift table:  Feathered Nest Boutique
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