Thursday, April 18, 2013

Be Like Winkie!

We are raising a rambunctious, energetic, 6 year old little boy in this house.

We talk about a lot of things I'd rather not....... (like bodily functions & smells & little boy parts)

We play wrestle, we sing, we dance.

We read, we write, & we are crazy!

In this house, we also talk a lot about disobeying & obeying......... for we are training & teaching a little heart too!

We talk about how disobedience is sin.

We talk about how sin breaks God's heart.  Sin separates us from God.

And how we love our sin more than we love God.

The Bible tells us that, in our flesh/left on our own, we actually hate God.  We rebel against Him by doing our own thing; being our own god.

We talk often about these Biblical truths.  Walker doesn't grasp them all, but that's okay.  He will one day.

So, when Walker & I came across this story during our Bible lesson time, it went along beautifully with what we'd been teaching him.


Winkie - from Thoughts to Make Your Heart Sing by Sally Lloyd-Jones

During World War II, a damaged plane crashed into the sea.  The crew had no way to radio for help, but they had a vital piece of equipment: a pigeon named-Winkie!

Winkie flew all the way home to the base - all 129 miles - alerting rescuers and saving the entire crew.  She was awarded a special medal for her heroism.

However far away they are, birds can find their way home again and again and again.  But not God's children - God's children aren't homesick for Him.

God is our true home.  Away from Him, we are lost.

Are you far away today?  Be like Winkie.  The minute you realize you've gone off course, head home.

Isaiah 44:22 - Oh, return to me, for I have paid the price to set you free."

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Momma Don't Got No Grace, so GO AWAY!

I think I've officially hit a wall.

A dadgum brick wall!

And I've been hitting this thing repeatedly for about 3 weeks now.

Surely all moms hit it eventually.

I'm hitting mine for the first time about month 11 into this Mommy-life thing.

I'm absolutely exhausted!

My mental response to, "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy!" is....... and in this order: 

2.  Where's the cake?
3.  I need a new nail polish.
4.  Where's your Daddy?

Thankfully, most of these thoughts, I have been able to keep to myself....... well, except for the cake one.  I do have a radar for homemade goodies & their healing properties. 

I want to blame all this recent craziness on my little one, but when I take a step back & examine it all........ I honestly think I'm the root issue.  Oy!

Sure, he kicks it up a notch or two or twelve at least once a day.  Sure, he has terrible aim when it comes to the toilet.  Sure, he likes to run like mad through the house.  And you can rest assured that he is NEVER going to obey our rule of "Don't chase the kitties."

But he's SIX years old.  What am I expecting?

And when did my tolerance level for his "kid-ness" fly out the window? 

I mean, have you seen the pollen in Georgia???  We don't drive around with our windows down.

So what exactly is happening to me?

I think the answer is in the title of this post, "Momma don't got no grace!"

Clearly, the grammar is horrendous, but the point comes across loud & clear.

I don't!  I've run out of grace.  There aren't even any fumes left.

A friend of mine & I have been working through a Bible study on grace.  And it's been amazing!  I feel like we're just scratching the surface on God's rich grace poured out on us.

It's mind blowing to think of the depths of God's grace being poured out on little, ole crabby me! 

I want to take a bath in that grace!  Roll around in it.  Read it, sing it, live it!

I want to be a Mommy who then turns around & pours out that grace on her baby........ in hopes that he, too, can live in that grace & give it to others.

I pray that God's grace toward me is not in vain!

There's grace for you too, friend!

It's nearer than you think........... receive it!

Monday, April 15, 2013

My Dazzling & Never Ending Talents

I have copious talents. 

They are dazzling & never ending. 

99% of my talents aren't worth mentioning OR aren't appreciated by the masses or by my family or by my husband or by, well ........ anyone.

For example, most people don't consider sarcasm a talent............ it is quite underappreciated.  It is the bald eagle of "talents"...... elusive, endangered, & doesn't taste like chicken.

But yesterday, one of my lesser known talents came to a bright, shining light! 

A beacon...... if you will.

As we were getting ready for church, I was rushing around shaving my gams, curling my blonde locks, & making sure my child's pearly whites were shining.  And in all the hustle & bustle and frazzle & dazzle, I totally ran out of time to paint my fingernails.

{insert "gasp" here}

For the normal person, this is hardly a concern, but with the unhealthy level of love I've developed for nail polish, this was a huge concern for me.  For you see, I had a NEW polish to wear.  OPI's Strawberry Margarita.  And nothing was going to stand between me & my painted digits.  Not even a drive to church.  And this is where I discovered my unsung talent........ I am stinkin' good at painting fingernails while riding in a car......... base coat, 2 coats of color, & a top coat.  Holla!  And I didn't even paint "outside the lines" or make a smudge!!

So by now you've probably guessed correctly that one of my talents is NOT being meek & humble.  Unfortunately!

I do, however, have the wonderful opportunity to know & love & go to church with some people who are meek & humble & giving & gracious.  Yesterday during our Bible study time, a need was brought to the attention of the class members.  A lady in our community had suffered an unfortunate series of events including, most recently, the loss of her job, her income, her source of provision.  She was only days away from having her electricity cut off......... a basket was passed around for donation to any who could help her meet this need.  By the time that basket passed into my little strawberry pink fingers, it was already filled with several bills of different denominations........ a quick glance into that round, brown basket, & my heart leapt!  There was a lot of green in that basket of kindness.

All in all, I think only a hand full of $10s would've closed the gap entirely.

What a blessing, what an honor, what a joy it is to see the Lord working in the hearts of those around me.  To see them living out what they say they believe......... and to see them doing it quietly, lovingly, & without hesitation for the benefit of a woman they didn't even know.

Echoing through my head & my heart are these words I heard from a sermon recently.

"What good will you do for God today?"

ps - The bald eagle is technically no longer on the endangered species list.  This happens when millions (likely billions) of dollars were spent in conservation efforts. #firstworldeagles