Sunday, June 24, 2012

Numba' One, Numba' One!

Welcome to the Sweet Georgia Sweet blog!  I'm so happy that you are here!!!!

I mean............ I am literally happy that you are here because you & I may be the only ones.  :)

If you are here, then you probably already know about me from Facebook.  If you aren't a fan of Sweet Georgia Sweet on Facebook, you can find SGS HERE & click the "likey-likey" button to become a fan!  I'd love to have you as part of the SGS family!

What is Sweet Georgia Sweet???
- SGS hand-makes home decor products.  You can peruse the Facebook photo albums to see the products I've made & sold to get inspiration for your own order!  To order or ask questions, you can email me at, & very soon you'll also be able to order HERE from my Etsy shop!  Now, how exciting is that???!!!!  Supa' dupa' exciting!!!!

Let me give you a quick intro to my Wreath Collections! 

(I'll save the other products for another post)


Here we go............

Ribbon Wreath Collection
- The color combo possibilities are ENDLESS!!!!  This wreath is one that I made in the past few months, & I just love the bright, vivid colors for the summer.  Don't you?  My sweet client was so very happy with the end result; she even sent me a picture of the wreath on her door!!

Burlap Wreath Collection
- This wreath with pops of a turquoise-y blue & the added "sweetening" of the blue ribbon bundle at the top of the wreath is so fabulous!  This beauty was ordered by a client who is in the process of building her new home.  She sent to me paint chip samples of the colors of her new house, & we went from there!  I can't wait to see a pic of this wreath on her new front door!

Ragamuffin Wreath Collection
- This sassy pink & black wreath was made for a very special bride!  It was "sweetened" with the black feather poof on the top of the wreath, & the initial was added for her new last name!  When I posted this wreath on Facebook, there was so much feedback from y'all proving that this wreath is a favorite of many of you!

Stay tuned for more exciting blog posts, product announcements, giveaway details, & snippets into our lives as a new adoptive family!

Oh, & did you hear me say GIVEAWAY details???  The Sweet Georgia Sweet 1,000 Fan Giveaway will be posted the week of July 2!  I can't wait to share the fun details with you!!!!!



  1. I love your wreaths! Adorable! Glad you are blogging.

  2. Love the ragamuffin collection!! Love the pink/black/zebra combo, my fav!!

    1. Thank you so much! I love the pink/black combo too!

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