Monday, October 1, 2012

Guilt Free Shopping??!! {um, yes please!}

Adoption is clearly VERY close to my he♥rt!

The Lord blessed us abundantly in the journey to our sweet Walker!

Along this journey we met a sweet little girl!

Her name is Violet.

Her story is a tragic one.

BUT God...........

Has found a family for her!

This adoption is LiTeRaLlY coming on the heel's of their first adoption.  {2 adoptions in only ONE YEAR!}  Unfortunately, they have had no time to scrimp & save for this adoption, but when they heard Violet's story, they knew the Lord was calling them to bring her to their home........ her forever home!

It is very likely that they will be traveling to Africa in October or November!

I have tried to come alongside Mary & Nathan to help them raise funds to bring Violet home.

Mary is a director with Scentsy, & I am having an online Scentsy party to help boost her paycheck....... which goes directly to paying their adoption fees.

Familiar with Scentsy?  New to Scentsy?

Either way, now's a GREAT time to buy!

CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE from or browse my party! 

{I'll be closing out the party on Thursday or Friday.}

Not only will you be helping bring little Violet home, BUT to each person who buys from my party, they will ALSO RECEIVE a 10% off coupon for their next purchase from Sweet Georgia Sweet!

Now is that a terrific deal or what?

If you have any questions, leave a comment below or send an email to

Christmas is just around the corner, & you could find some great gifts!


ps - My personal favorite is the Angora full-size warmer, the leopard wall plug, & the Perfectly Pomegranate scent.  Walker's absolute favorite is his Scentsy buddy, Ollie & the French Lavender scent!  ♥

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