Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My Baby is Getting Married!

Before I ever dreamed of Walker............

There was Lydia.

My baby, baby, baby sister.

There are a little over 10 years between us, & so by the time she came along, I really felt like she was mine.

And she was.

She has turned out so well.

She is smart, athletic, beautiful, & loves the Lord!

And I take most of the credit for that.

She is the 5th child of our parents........... they were, like, totally checked out by then {at least that's what my teenage brain thought.}

Fast forward 20 something years, & now some little punk has asked her to marry him.

Actually, I really love her little punk!  He's a honey!

Last week The Punk proposed.

She accepted.

Sweet, thoughtful boy that he is --- he also threw together an engagement party for her on their proposal day.

It was a sweet time for all of us!

Especially us sissies!

Our brother was at work.  Wah!  Wah!

Seriously?  We said, "Smile!"

Not keep eating your Jolly Rancher!

I thought you said you were a male model???


Take 2.

Hey, Punkalicious, look at the camera please.

Take 3.

Ah.......... there it is!!!!  Great shot!

All 4 sissies now have boys that buy them diamonds!!!!!

Love this snappy, snappy of all the Whitworth girls!

I can't wait to plan Lydia's wedding for her.


I mean, help.

Help her plan her wedding!


  1. Haha! You're hilarious. I'm sure Mom will agree that Lydia's turning out so great was solely dependent on you. ;)