Monday, October 29, 2012

What 7 Year Itch?

Today marks 7 wonderful years of marriage to my sweetie pie.

My schnookie wookie.

My sugar bottom.

My honey bunny.

My Scottie Hottie!

With every year that passes, I get a little panicked.

Time is going TOO fast!

I want it to slooooow down.

I am enjoying being married to this man too much for the years to be whizzing by.

Seven years ago we never guessed that the first continent we traveled together as a couple would be Africa.

Never guessed that we would become first time parents to a 5 year old little, heart-breaker!

Never guessed that we would still be living in the same city/state.

Never guessed that our lives would be so blessed & so enriched by the love, compassion, & joy of God our Father.

I love our love story. 

How I couldn't stand him & thought he was a jerk!!!!  Then through a dramatic series of events ended up falling for him & marrying him.

I love our life together now.

The one where we can barely get a word in edgewise as our 5 year old dominates the conversation.

I love thinking & planning for our future.

Thinking about our next adoption. Our careers.  Our dreams.  Our travels.

My sweetheart is unlike any other!

And I love him to pieces!

Happy Anniversary, sweetie!