Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Remembering our {Adoption} Adventure - part 3

For the next few weeks, I will be blogging about our adoption journey to Uganda & beyond!  The Lord took us on a sweet adventure to become a family of 3.  We were in Uganda adopting Walker for about 3 weeks.  There were ups & downs.  Highs & lows.  Joys & triumphs.

My husband & I chronicled our adventures on a private Facebook group we created to keep friends & family up to date on all the latest happenings.

This is a re-cap & remembering of our journey ONE YEAR ago!!!!

May 21, 2012
We have WJ with us tonight, & we’ve had him with us almost ALL day. It has been a GREAT day. When we went to pick him up from school, he came TEARING out of the crowd & ran into both of our arms with a force that nearly knocked us both flat. It was absolutely precious!

We are about to have our first movie night, & I think we’ll settle on Cars – although maybe we’ll do Nemo or Toy Story???? Whatever it is, I’m sure he’ll LOVE it!

Another day of FIRSTS. I will try to recap most of them b/c I don't think I'll have any journaling time tonight. First “I love you” from WJ. First lip kisses for me & daddy. First talking to Jajja (my Mom.) First book readings. First time running smack into a sliding glass door (poor baby.) Maybe first time seeing a mirror; he was VERY intrigued. First pair of sunglasses (we brought Cars sunglasses.) First pair of new shoes. Maybe his first carbonated beverage – baby boy downed his Orange Fanta. Clearly his first use of a straw. ;) First time ordering at a restaurant; he had chapatti & rice (a VERY Ugandan dish - chapatti is similar in appearance to a flour tortilla, but tastes way better.) First night at a hotel. First time sleeping in bed with Mommy & Daddy. First bath washing from a crazy white lady who didn’t quite know how to do it, but he showed me (the showers here are different & you use a bucket - there is no shower head.)

Mommy & Daddy had a lot of firsts too! It has been a great day, & I am very surprised with how happy he seems with us. I pray that once the “newness” wears off little bit will still be happy.

Our luggage still isn’t here! Word is that it will be here tomorrow night, but who knows if that is true or not. If it does arrive, then we won’t get it until we head back to Kampala on Thurs. or Fri.

It’s getting late for him, so I’m going to sign off & we’re gonna start the movie on our laptop.

Also, forgot to say that little bit is LITTLE. Size 11 shoe is too big, & I think he's wearing a 3T, but I'll know for sure when our luggage gets here. Little makes me happy b/c I know he'll grow SO fast!

***Yes, he was little!  He was in a 3T.  His feet are still small, but he has grown like a weed.  He has a small waist, which makes pants with adjustable pulls a MUST!  I also vividly remember that first shower.  It was an experience!  He squatted down instead of standing up like we would; I remember not quite knowing what to do.  And the water was ccccc-old!***

2nd post on May 21, 2012 - written by my husband
WJ now has Cars sunglasses, and he crashed watching Cars.....MoMo and Micah (cousins) will be proud. He's been playing Angry Birds and using the Coloring book on my phone, though I really think he just likes hitting the buttons and swiping the icons left and right more than the games. He had his first Fanta, Coke and Novida (carbonated Pineapple flavored drink). We're learning as much Rutooro as we can since he doesn't seem to speak a lot of English. He will often look at one of us and smile, then turn to look at the other and smile, and we LOVE it! He's asleep now and has drool all over his shirt and just snorted loudly :) Tomorrow we go to see his village and his extended family. Please pray everything goes well and that he doesn't have any bad memories that resurface, and if they do that we are able to calm and soothe him. One last story before I sign off. When he was brought to the home he was severely underweight and could not walk. After being there for a while and plumping up, he gave himself the nickname of "Sweet Potato." :)

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