Sunday, February 23, 2014

Support the Proudfoots! Adoption Fundraiser from Sweet Georgia Sweet.

Meet the Proudfoot Family!  Tiana & Michael are adopting a special needs little boy from China, and it is my pleasure to help support them in their efforts to bring home this sweet little one.  From now until next Monday, 25% of all proceeds from the SGS Etsy shop will be donated to the Proudfoot Family adoption.

Proudfoot Family Bio -  

Michael and Tiana knew before they were even married that they wanted to grow their family through adoption. After falling in love with Africa through a few trips to Tanzania, they began their first adoption process. Nadia, now four, joined their family from Uganda in 2012. She is so excited to be a big sister now as the family begins their next adoption journey - this time from China. They have been matched with a three year old boy with spina bifida.

The Proudfoots live in Virginia where Michael is full-time youth pastor. They are excited (and a little terrified) to take on this new adventure, and are so grateful for the support of their family and friends.

Order something for yourself or a friend & know that you are helping a child have a chance at life, love, and family!  ♥  Thank you for helping!

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