Friday, July 27, 2012

Epicly Mundane {with a cherry on top!}

Today was just one of those mundane days.

Surely you know the kind.

Laundry.  Cleaning.  Errands. 

Taking out the trash. 

Wiping dirty bottoms (well, "bottom".  my child only has one.)

Trying to convince my son that nap time isn't over yet!

You know........... everyday life stuff!

I love everyday life!  That's where the nitty gritty happens. 

It's where surprises pop up and miracles happen and joy overflows! 

It's also where your kiddo tinkles on his foot {and you and the bath rug, all because he just wasn't paying attention} and takes an hour to eat his breakfast and asks to watch TV a thousand times.......... to which I say "no" 999 times.

WJ - 1
Mommy - 0

BUT today was the former!  Where surprises pop up and miracles happen and joy overflows!

While we were out running errands, I hear WJ announce from the back seat - "I love Mommy!"

Now, I'm sure that this thrills ANY mother's heart when her precious one tells her this --- no matter their age or stage in life.

But for a Mommy who has prayed for a child for a long, long time.

For a Mommy whose child is still not fully communicating with English yet.

For a Mommy who has never heard these words come unsolicited from her child's mouth.

It was miraculous!!!!

There were fireworks going off!  Confetti was falling!  And balloons were being released!

It was glorious!

Not only did WJ say "I love Mommy!" once, but he said it THREE times!

I was on cloud nine........ still am actually!

As for the cherry on top of this epicly mundane day, that goes to my sweet husband!

After he came home from work, he came & gave me one of those hugs....... you know, the kind where it feels like he melts into me & just wants me to hold him.......... I love those hugs......... it makes me feel like he needs me to undo all the yucky that may have happened during his work day.  It makes me feel like he's glad to be home & glad to be mine!  During said hug, I hear him tell me, "You look cute today!"


'Nuff said.

The End.
(or as WJ says "Be End")


  1. that made me tear up. It's an awesome day, anytime you hear your little one say it, but I would think it would be just a touch sweeter in your case ;). (oh, and you did look cute today!)

  2. what a delight to your mother's heart.