Sunday, July 29, 2012

Family took My Family

If you know me personally, then you know that both my husband & I come from fairly large families. 

He's the oldest of 4.

I'm the oldest of 5.

{Yes, we are firstborns.  Yes, we rock!  Yes, we rule!  And yes, we LOVE being firstborns!}

Having a large family certainly has its perks!

Like stealing a sibling's Hulu login......... which was given to you by another sibling....... who isn't the sibling who has the Hulu account.

Or like having a million people to call & text you on your birthday........ because they HAVE {I meant want} to!

Or like having an enormous amount of food at Thanksgiving!

It's really, pretty awesome!

My husband's family is the biggest group of helpers I've ever met.  It's really sweet.  They go willingly & happily to help family move, paint, or do home repairs.......... even in the dead of summer!

That's where my babies are now.

My husband took our son with him to south Georgia this weekend to help his youngest brother lay tile in his new house.

I wasn't sure if this was a good idea or a bad idea, but we did it anyway.  Only one night away from Mommy, & Daddy was with him the whole time.  I've been told that there have been no major breakdowns from WJ, so I'm taking that as a good sign!  However, I don't like being without my guys.  I am past ready for them to come home, & I'm a little anxious to see how WJ does next week.

Sometimes that bond between new parents & a newly adopted child can feel so fragile.

You sometimes worry if one wrong move is going to undo all the good that's happened.

It's totally not true!  One wrong move doesn't undo all the good that's happened.  But I do sometimes feel like our new relationship is a little like Humpty Dumpty, & I have to tell myself otherwise.

Nothing, absolutely nothing, has seemed to bother WJ, so I'm really hoping & praying that this won't either.  But I'm thinking I'll know for sure tomorrow.  I am assuming that I'll mostly be able to tell by the way he responds & reacts to me.  I'm thinking lots of cuddle time & book time tomorrow......... if not for him, then for me!  And I'm desperately fighting the urge to want to climb in his bed & sleep beside him all night.  {I've missed that baby boy}  However, he snores.  Very.  Very.  Loudly.  So, I'm sure that precious moment would end before it even began.

Enough for now.  Gotta finish up those Double Doozies before my guys get back!

p.s. - I've had lots of time in my craft room, & I think I just may have a new product for y'all!  Stay tuned for more!


  1. Loved this. And firstborns may rock, but without us middle children, there'd be no cream filling. So essentially, middle children are pretty much awesome!

    1. There is no doubt about it, that cream filling is delish!