Monday, July 30, 2012

The Boys Are Back in Town

My boys got back last night, and I'm SO glad that they are back.

I love & adore my husband!  I don't like to spend any night apart from him.  But I can do it!

I love & adore my son, & I hope I never spend another night away from him again!  {at least for awhile}

I missed that little peach so much!

If you read my post from yesterday, then you know about my apprehension in letting him go for an overnight trip with my husband (away from Mommy.)  He did great!  Although he is EXHAUSTED today!

AND our reunion last night was beyond precious!

My husband said that when they pulled in our neighborhood that WJ announced, "Home!  Mommy!"

When he walked in the door I nearly sprinted to him, scooped him up, & hugged & kissed him for a very long time.  {and I only gave my husband a quick smooch}

That sweet little boy looked at me with those big brown eyes & just giggled, letting me know that he liked Mommy's cuddles & that he wanted more.  It was adorable!  And such a refreshing relief to know my baby boy missed me, & was glad to be back home.

As I was talking to my Mom today, I got to thinking that WJ has never had a mommy to miss him being gone before.  It makes me cry thinking about that.  A sweet boy to not have welcoming arms to run into after he spends the night away or has been at school all day.

All of that is over for him now, but it was the plight of his life before we rescued each other.

Now it's just a distant memory........fading.........fading...........fading!

We are thankful that God has plans for all three of us that include each other, & that our sad memories without each other are truly fading!


  1. I'm loving ready about the every-dayness of your life. I'll try and do a better job commenting. These are the sweet memories that you will be so glad you wrote down!!! You are a great writer!! Hugs!

    1. Thank you for your sweet words! And thank you for following along!