Tuesday, July 31, 2012

From Snoop Dogg to Nail Polish

This post won't be nearly as exciting as the news that Snoop Dogg has had an epiphany while in Jamaica & has changed his name to Snoop Lion.  {I hope I never have an epiphany like that}

Nor as exciting as the almost unceasing coverage of the Olympic games on NBC........ what shows did NBC have before the Olympics?

Nor is this post as exciting as the beyond boring news coverage of the local elections today that my political junkie of a husband is watching.

I really do love my husband, & I absolutely adore his mind.

I love how it works......... and even how it doesn't work.  I love the way he thinks about things, & solves problems.  I love the fact that he talks to me about his political views on things. 

Most of his political views I share........... or have adopted....... or have been brain washed into believing.  And strangely, I'm okay with that!

However, there are sometimes when this pink-loving, monogram-addicted Georgia peach just has enough political talk.  It's like my brain can't soak in anymore.  It's usually times like these that I just nod.  Or say things like "Ummhmm" and "Oh, is that right?"

It's also usually times like those that my thoughts to turn to bigger & better things.  Like painting my toe nails!

Thanks to my friend Julie, I've become very aware of the amazing wonders of nail polish!

I'm even in a special, secret, undercover ops Facebook group dedicated to such fabulosity!

Now, I'm still a novice in the polish world.  I mean, my polish collection still fits in a small sized shoe box, but it's growing!

Because you asked (just pretend you did), I'll give you my top 3 favorite polishes!  I highly suggest you liven up those little pigs with a new color & stat!

1.  Sephora by OPI "Blasted Gold" topped with "I Found a Pot of Gold" {gorg gold glimmer}
2.  China Glaze "For Audrey" {a beaut of a blue...... very Tiffany-esque}
3.  China Glaze something or other.......... it's a lilac-y purple & it's so pretty!


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