Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Precious Trip to the Beach

There are some things in life that are just precious!

Like my son saying, "Mommy looks boo-te-ful" at random moments throughout the day.

Or when he says "Gimme hug!"

Or like when my husband says that I look cute in my new dress.  {melt}

I've had a few of these precious days recently.

And they've happened at the BEACH!

We love the beach, & we were really excited to take Little Man to the beach for the VeRy FiRsT tImE!  We kept talking it up to him, & he'd act very excited when we said the word "beach."  It was really pretty cute.

The day came when we finally arrived at the beach & took the walk {loaded down with all the beach essentials} to the beach.

When we crested that little hill overlooking that great, wide, breathtaking expanse of beach & ocean, he was absolutely mesmerized!  He took in all the sights & sounds & smells. 

 As the three of us walked into the sand, the sand began to wiggle its way into our flip flops.  WJ looked up at me & said "Mommy???" and then inquisitively looked down at the foreign substance beginning to cover his sweet, little feet.  I told him that it was sand, & my husband told him that he could take his shoes off & walk in it. 

I knew that he had never been to the beach & that EVERYTHING would be new to him, but I was thinking ocean, ocean, ocean & it hadn't even crossed my mind that even the walk in the sand to the shore would be filled with firsts for him.

As we walked a little farther in the sand, we came across a stretch of sand littered with sea shells.  I drew WJ's attention to the sea shells in the sand & how pretty they were.  He looked at them for a little while, & then lifted his little face to the sky & said, "Oh, thank you Jesus!"

I nearly broke down crying at this point.  I thought that was one of the most precious things I'd ever heard.  I was so touched by his thankful spirit, & that he was learning that God is the giver of all good things!

However, the "awe" of that moment was dampened a bit when later that day he ordered chicken nuggets (a treat in our house) for dinner.  When said nuggets were delivered to our table, he again lifted his little face to the heavens & declared "Thank you, Jesus!"

I guess having chicken nuggets is a bit of a miracle. 

I really only let him eat them when we eat out, & we don't eat out very much. 

Poor, poor child!

WJ absolutely loved jumping in the ocean's waves.  He held Mommy's & Daddy's hands & jumped & jumped & jumped & then played in the sand!

I am usually a "lay on the beach, read a good book, & get tanned burned" girl.  You won't usually find me in the ocean.  Swimming in a shark's playground just isn't my thing!  However, I've now discovered that I'll stay in the ocean & nearly lose my swimsuit bottoms untold amounts of minutes & hours until my son is finished jumping in the waves!

It's a pretty amazing thing to be a Mommy!

It's also pretty amazing to play so hard that we all 3 wear ourselves out & get to take a 2 hour nap!

I love vacation!!!!!!

I love naps!

I love the beach!

I love using the word love!

Signing Off.

{'cuz I just had to squeeze one more in}


  1. What a precious boy and a precious time!

    1. Thank you, Michele! He is a precious boy, indeed! I love him to pieces!

  2. I will copy this to Peepaw. He will love this. What a wonderful story !