Monday, August 13, 2012

Gross Out! Kitty Kiss! Purple Heart!

Last week we went to visit my {favorite} sister Hannah.

Hannah Boog lives in South Carolina.

I love Palmetto Trees!

I want to live in S.C. so I can have a cool Palmetto Tree decal for the Land Rover I don't have.

I know that I don't need to capitalize the words Palmetto Tree.

I just want to!

We had such fun at "Ant Hin-nah's" house.

"Ant Hin-nah" has 8 indoor kitties. 

Poor thing!  She tried the foster kitty thing, & just couldn't give those little ones away!  She has such a big heart for those poor babies!

If my husband & I die, send our cats to Ant Hin-nah they'll live glorious lives!

One of Ant Hin-nah's cats gives kisses.


My son learned how to give & receive kitty kisses.

{Double gross.}

But sUpEr CuTe!!!

He has not tried such shenanigans with our 2 indoor kitties.

He knows he'd be awarded the Purple Heart for Bravery, but I just don't think he's willing to risk losing a limb or an ear or an eye for it.

Right or wrong, I feel compelled to tell you about our cats.

They have adjusted very well to having a 5 year old invading their space.

I barely see them all day!  :)

They hide from him most of the time........ I'm sure this is due partly to fear & partly to irritation at his existence in our home.

And the times they venture out, they keep a safe distance from him trying to figure out his next move - which is usually loud & spastic.

The other day WJ was playing with his army men, & he asked Sheppie to play with him.  When I asked WJ what Sheppie said, WJ said that he'd said "No."  I think that WJ deduced that correctly --- considering that Sheppie flicked his tail in WJ's face & walked away.

I sense repressed anger.

Meet Shephard aka Sheppie.  The name sake of Jack Shephard from Lost.  He is much prettier than this picture reveals!  He gets his lack of photogenetics (it's not a word, I know) from me!  He hears voices in his head, & is SUPER needy after the vacuum cleaner is used.  He's beyond sweet!  He is very nurturing & likes to head butt!

Meet Sawyer aka The Little Pirate.  The name sake of James "Sawyer" Ford from Lost.  Lost was my husband's favorite TV show, & I wanted "matching" names.  It was devastating from the beginning!  Too bad you couldn't have met our cats B.B.King & Lenny Kravitz.  RIP, boys, Rest.In.Peace!

Sawyer is MY kitty!  He's a punk and a half!  He demands to be picked up & walked to "bed" at night.  He acts like an angry drunk when on catnip.  He's terrified beyond meows of the vacuum cleaner.  He never drinks any water except from the master bathroom sink.  He only uses his scratching post when he wants to be praised.  Did I mention that he's a punk?  Believe it or not, he really loves me & he's hilarious! 


That should be enough kitty talk to last you for a good while!



  1. Oh, I love kitty talk! And Walker was so cute with the kitty kisses. He gave lots of the kittens kisses - it was SO cute and sweet.

    1. "Kitty talk" is your love language isn't it? Those little kisses were pretty cute!

  2. I mean these kitties LOVED Lane.. why not WJ!! LOL