Thursday, August 23, 2012

Maybe I Should Start Collecting Arrowheads

If you missed my other 2 posts about our beach trip, then I pity you!

They were terrific.  A beautiful, emotional experience!

Your life is sadder because you missed them.

'Cuz I love you {and I'm a bit OTT today}, here they are again if you missed 'em. 


One of my husband's hobbies is photography.

I'm so proud of him for having a hobby!

I hate that word........ it always makes my skin get cold & clammy & my thoughts all jumble together whenever someone asks, "So, what are your hobbies?"

I always think that the appropriate answers to this question must be something earth shattering & totally impressive.  Like rock climbing, whale watching, designing my own clothes, or playing golf with the Prez!

Instead I always say something like, "Umm, I don't know, I like to run."

{awkward silence that makes me feel I need to say more}

"Oh & I like to read too!" 

They are always a little stunned by my awesome choice of hobbies, & a long silence usually ensues during which I'm thinking why don't I collect stamps or arrowheads or something.  I usually break the silence by excusing myself to the powder room or pretending that I need to find my husband........... you know, the man who's comfortably sitting there talking about his photography hobby!

Actually, my husband is quite good at his little hobby!

He almost never takes photos of people.

That's just not his thing!

Unless you are a dilapidated old historical building, my husband won't photograph you........

Well, unless you are his gorg wife & darling child.

This post should wrap up my incessant blogging about the beach.............. at least until next year!


  1. Precious pictures. . . I love the one of WJ jumping up and the fam of 3 on the beach.