Thursday, August 2, 2012

My Son, the Photographer (installment #1)

Like father.  Like son.

Those four words are apparently true for my guys.

Last weekend when my husband & son went on their overnight trip, they also made a stop for a father/son exploring/photography moment.  It was at a place my husband was really wanting to check out.  He gave WJ a camera, & off they went.

Here are some of WJ's pics from last weekend.

***You can pre-order your coffee table book beginning August 3***

Please do not sell or use these photos in any way, without the express consent of my 5 year old.

This is the Harville House in south Georgia.

And this is the way my son sees it. 

Because he's 5.  His attention span is gi-normous............ so, why not take a picture of Daddy.

And, oh........ is that a butterfly??!!

Using the self-timer!  Actually, my husband set the self-timer, and he didn't make it in time for the pic. 

Doesn't he look sad & tiny in front of that grand, old house?

Because we LOVE trucks & opportunities like this don't come around every day!!!!!

We play with trucks.  We count them.  We put them in our pants, & then Mommy washes them.

Self portrait!


He's such a professional!

He loved every minute of the trip!  And he loves that camera.  It is currently confiscated due to incessant picture taking an inopportune moments.

And finally, here is one of my husband's photos from the weekend.

You can check out his many other photos HERE.

If asked which is a better photographer.  My husband?  Or my son?

It's no question!

Hands down......... my son has mad skillz.

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  1. I vote Scoot. :) Walker still gets a thumbs up though!