Monday, September 17, 2012

First Time Mommas Can Be CRAZY!

My son may be 5 years old, but WATCH OUT world I'm still a fIrSt TiMe MoMmY!!!!

Unlike most first time Mommys, I actually get to sleep all the way through the night!

{what a relief!}

Unlike most first time Mommys, my son has never baptized me with spit-up or a stream of tinkle.

{oh, wait! he did tinkle on my foot one time. he was too distracted to focus his aim in the right place.}

Unlike most first time Mommys, I don't EVAH, EVAH, EVAH have to change his dirty diapers!

{i am reveling in this one!!!}

As far as the "tough stuff" of first time Mommy-hood goes, I've got it pretty GREAT!


In all actuality, I've only been a Mommy for about 4 months.

Month 1 was spent in Africa, & it was wild & crazy. It was survival of the fittest, & the 5 year old proved to be the "fitter" beast!

At home, on our own turf, we have regained the proper parental control.

{most of the time}

But I can still be pretty neurotic about things.

The thought of leaving him alone ANYWHERE, mildly terrifies me.

{i'm sure this will pass with time, but to me he's only my 4 month old infant}

I make him use hand sanitizer AFTER he washes his hands in the bathroom. He calls it hand "sanzitizer."

{i'm sure that this will pass when child 2 comes along. or be strongly reinforced.}

I don't let him leave the house in a non-cute outfit!

{who am I kidding..........this one will probably never change..... at least until he begins to have his own opinion on his ensemble}

To add to the neuroses of a first time Mommy, I also am a first time adoptive Mommy.


I worry about how other kids will treat him. If they'll ask questions he doesn't want to answer. If they'll make rude comments. I anxiously wonder if adults will give him the patience he needs in a class environment, or if they'll brush him off & consider him unruly or a kid who doesn't pay attention.

Because the truth is, in many ways he IS only 4 months old {at least in terms of his "family age"}, & I guard & protect him like I imagine I would an actual 4 month old.

He is remarkable & sweet & resilient, & he has learned SO much in these 4 short months.

BUT my 4 month old has a long way to go until he functions as a "normal" {whatever that is} American 5 year old.

I know that I can't make the world perfect. I know that I can't protect him forever. I know that many will be kind & loving & accepting & welcoming. I also know that there are real toad-heads in the world & we all have to face their unkindness.

But he's only 4 months old!

I'm not ready for all of this yet.

So, I will keep my baby close until this new Mommy feels that he's {or I'm} ready to let go a little at a time.

And I don't think there's a single thing wrong with that! ♥


  1. Well, first time REAL mommy. You had 20 plus years of being a second mommy to 4 others. :)

    But, don't worry. Those who know you, know you're doing a great job! Even if you are losing your mind every now and then. :)