Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Fall Makes Me DREAM Big Dreams!

There is something about the changing of seasons that just seems to awaken ALL of my senses!

It's amazing!

I have no idea what the weather this week is supposed to look like............

But last week........ oh, last week........ it was glorious! 

It was a little FALL-ish around here, & I was in heaven.

I made pumpkin bread & hot white chocolates!

We slept with the windows open {and the ceiling fan on high} so that we could cuddle up under the covers.

I dressed my son in long-sleeved shirts & shorts.

I even started out most of my days in long-sleeved shirts as well.  By the afternoon I had to change into short sleeves, BUT for a little bit, I was a Fall Girl!

It must be this excitement over the changing seasons, that also has me wishing that I'd joined the cast of Les Mis when I had the chance!


I never really had the chance.

I can't sing.

I do sing!  And quite loudly!

But I don't do it well.

Hitting the note isn't much of a concern to me when I'm all wrapped up in the emotion of a song like, "Who Am I?" or "I Dreamed A Dream."

I have the Anniversary Edition of Les Mis where all the "best" versions of the cast come together in London & perform.

It's totally wonderful & rapturous!

It can make driving to the grocery store a heavenly event!

I sing along with EVERY song!

I sing every song ExAcTlY like the performers do............ I mean, I match their accent & all!

It's kind of crazy.........

I mean, charming & cute!

One of my dreams would've been {actually, it still is} to tour with Les Mis & be their Stage Manager or Drama Director or something awesome like that!

You know, some people have dreams that are actually attainable.

That's the easy road!

I prefer to have totally unattainable dreams............

That way, if they happen, it really WOULD be a dream.............

Kinda like if we woke up tomorrow to discover that my husband was a long-lost prince of a beautiful, wealthy, magical land.

You know....... that KIND of a dream!

Bring on the Fall.

Bring on the Dreamin'!

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