Wednesday, September 19, 2012

If You Can't Paint the Town, then Try The House!

When we bought our house, I {lovingly} referred to it as The Blueberry!

The precious people who owned it before us shared a True Blue love of the color blue.

Walls were blue.

Kitchen counter tops were blue.

The inside of the Master closet was blue.

It was a blue-rific mess!

We have slowly eliminated all traces of this 1990's country blue from the inside of our house.

Howevah, the exterior is STILL blue!

We toned down the Blueberry Blue shutters & front & back porches to a lovely gray called Mark Twain Gray Brick.

It's a very pretty gray that has served us well, but it's finally time to repaint the house!


I've been trying to think & think & think what color scheme I want.

I'm a traditional gal, but I don't want typical traditional colors.

I don't want the white & black house with the red front door.  Nor do I want the array of tan & taupes. 

I love those colors, but I just want something more for our humble abode!

I still want the traditional feel, but I want it to be fresh, inviting, & with just a touch of whimsy.

After searching the dubya-dubya-dubya over & over & over again, I've finally found these that I love!

I was fortunate enough to run across these on Pinterest & other blogs.

Here are 3 that have made my short list!

What do 'ya think???  Which one is your favorite?


  1. 2 & 3 are my favs! :) If your people liked blue, ours must have loved green!

    1. Well, I feel your pain then! It can be dreadful to live with someone else's poor decorating choices. :)

  2. #3 is my favorite! However, my hubby has much better taste than I do (he's like his mom). But, I think he'd say #3. If your house was at the beach, then definitely #1 :)

    Have fun painting!

  3. I LOVE #3! But i also like #1 a great great deal!...I just would probably get tired of it and want to paint the shutters again in a few years...but that may be with any color :)

    1. #1 is my favorite, although I'd change it up just a bit. The great thing to me about the pop of color of the shutters & doors is that if I decide to change it in the future, that's so easy to change! :)

  4. So I'm going to be the odd ball in this stream... I'm leaning towards 2... However is my screen correct in that it is a very pale green? I like how the shutters pop. As for 1 and 3. They are also fun. 1 says beach and 3 is awsome but if you don't have enough white trim the gray may be a bit heavy. Wish I lived closer. I love painting and trim is the best part :) yes, I know I'm nuts.