Thursday, September 13, 2012

Recipe Review: Baked Sweet & Sour Chicken

I {heart} Pinterest.

I find it so pinteresting!


You don't?

Why aren't you pinterested?

You should be!  It's so fun!

Well, surely you find me pinteresting???  If so, you can follow me HERE!

If I'm not enough to do it for ya, then maybe this recipe will peak your pinterest.

{whew.......... glad you made it through all that corn!}

I go through phases where I am on Pinterest every day, just a 'pinnin'.

Then I'll go WEEKS & WEEKS without getting on there at all.

I love to post recipes!

I have 2 boards devoted to foods.  One board is for SAVORY foods & the other is for SWEET foods.  One quick glance at these boards will reveal to you which food is more precious & life-altering for me.  And you will also notice that I do not have a board called Healthy Eating.  Those things are usually too boring to peak my pinterest......... oops, Brittany, I did it again!

Even though my savory foods board is severly lacking in its number of recipes, there is one on there that I just HAD to try.

BaKeD sWeEt & SoUr ChIcKeN

Can I get a holla'???!!!

It just sounded too good not to try!

I followed the recipe exactly like it says on the blog.  However, I quickly discovered that I only  needed 2 chicken breasts for this recipe. 

If you decide to follow the recipe & use the 3-4 chicken breasts, like I did, then you'll probably find yourself needing about 2 cups of cornstarch & 4 eggs.......... the recipe calls for only half of that.

I give this recipe 4.5 peaches out of 5!

We really loved it!  All three of us!  My son could've eaten this for breakfast, lunch, & dinner!

If you try it too, then please let me know what you think!

ps - Wasn't this the most pinteresting thing you've read all day??!!
pps - {Disclosure}  I am NOT a food blogger.  Taking pictures of my meal as I prepare it & cook it & eat it just ain't gonna happen!  Those food bloggers are special, special people with an attention span far greater than mine!  Rock on food bloggers!  Rock.on.!

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