Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Sexy Man, is a Man Who __________ !

True Story.

Short Story.

The other night my husband & I were laying in bed watching television.

{yes, I know that a TV in the boudoir is supposed to be B-A-D for your marriage.  i don't know exactly what that says about us.  don't analyze.  just l♥ve!}

As we're laying there, a commercial comes on.

It's one of those cheesy-acting, poor lighting, bad camera-work type of "dating" commercials.  I was barely paying attention, but I caught the last line of the commercial & laughed out loud.  It was so random!

Immediately following {and because of} my laughter, this conversation ensued between my Dear Husband & me:

DH:  "What?  Why are you laughing?  What did they say?"

Me:  "You're kidding right?"

DH:  "Huh, no?"

Me:  {beginning rumblings of hysterical laughter}

DH:  "What?  What's so funny?"

Me:  "You're kidding right?  Oh, puh-leeze!  You really heard what they said & you're just being silly, aren't you??!!"

DH:  "Huh?  No.  What are you talking about?  WHAT.DID.THEY.SAY?"

Me: {still Laughing-Out-Loud!}  "They said, 'Because a man who listens is sexy!'"

DH:  {soft, manly laughter}......... the embarrassed type

Me:  "Um-hmm!"

Pretty funny, huh?

I mean, you just can't make this stuff up!

If my DH was really a poor listener, this wouldn't have been nearly as funny!

Praise the Lord that he is {mostly} a great listener!

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