Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Thirty & Thriving

My husband turned 30 a few weekends back.

We had a marvelous weekend!

Part of which included lots of college football & a birthday party.

Since my husband is a UGA grad & a Georgia Bulldog fan, I decided to go with the party colors of red, black, & silver. 

I did double-duty with some of the decorations so that we could keep them up until I put my Fall stuff out.

Here are some of the pictures from the party!

We had a lot of fun, & I enjoyed planning it & pulling it all together!

This wreath greeted our guests & set the tone for the party!
You can order yours from the Sweet Georgia Sweet shop on Etsy.

Ribbon Wreath, Ribbon Topiaries, & Adorable Banner.  All hand made by ME!  My sister sarcastically asked if my husband asked me to make all of this for his party?  She's SO funny!  {I typed sarcastically}

Custom tea towels I whipped up on my tiny, blue sewing machine.  I am still SO proud of myself for making these!  I'm still a novice in the sewing realm.  I really love this chevron & polka dot fabric. It just makes me happy!

I made these tea towels too!  And, of course, the teeny, tiny, meeny, miny Burlap Topiary.  The platter is from Rosie Posie Designs.

These cute, little black & white chevron bags became chip bags!  I put potato chips in them & everyone just grabbed one as they went through the dinner line.

We had grilled hot dogs with CHILI!  I used these little red & white polka dot cups to serve the chili.  They were cute, convenient, & were consistent with my theme.  :)
The Drink Station.  Mini red Coca-Colas.  Silver serving pieces.  And CAH-UTE black & white polka dot & striped straws.  {I wish I'd gotten a better pic!}

Little Decorated Brownie Bites.  In alternating colors of black & white icing and black & white polka dot liners.  So cute!

Remember sixlets?  These are red & black!  I couldn't pass them up!
Here is my husband's ice cream cake, complete with his Triple X candles.  If you missed the post in which I shared my blonde moment regarding buying Roman numeral candles, you can read it HERE.

Cousin fun.  Rolling around in the grass.

They wouldn't both be still at the same time!

WJ & I are dressed in the party colors!  My husband didn't.  LOL!  My necklace & bracelet are from Southern Sass Sprinkles & my Ombre Ruffle Tank is from Bleu Bird Designs.

And, YES!  I'm already planning my son's birthday party........... for February!  :)

I love my guys!  They mean the world to me!


  1. My hubby would LOVE that party!!! He's a DAWG fan since birth :)

    1. Thank you, Jessica! Thanks for reading & commenting! ♥ Love, Bethany

  2. Though I'm a GT alum, I have to say this is the cutest party and you are the sweetest!!! Hugs to you & your beautiful family. xoxo Dina

    1. Now those are true words of praise right there coming from a GT alum. WOW! :) Thank you, Dina! ♥

      Sweetly Yours, Bethany