Monday, September 10, 2012

First Week of School

My son started school last week.

I hadn't really planned on starting him until October.  Bless his little heart, he is still adjusting to SO many things, & I was going to wait a little bit on school.

I guess I was feeling pressure or something because I decided on Tuesday that we were starting school that very day!  Crazy?  Probably!

Before we ever brought him home from Africa, we made the decision that I would teach him at home.

I am so very thankful that we have this choice!  It's really something that I wanted to do!

He needs so much one-on-one attention. 

He thrives on it.  He craves it.

I am amazed already at what he has learned in just his first week of school.

Since last Monday was Labor Day, we didn't actually start school until Tuesday.

Although he is 5, he doesn't know the things most American 5 year olds know.

He doesn't know shapes, colors, how to letter, doesn't recognize his numbers, etc.

So, since I am the Principal, Teacher, & Mommy, I made the executive decision to start him in K4.  I fully expect that he'll breeze through that, & that we'll be able to start K5 sometime in early 2013.  As several other homeschooling Moms have told me, "That's the beauty of homeschool."  You can tailor & adjust your curriculum to your child's level of knowledge.

To commemorate the start of K4, we had a little photo op on the front steps of our humble abode.

In this photo he included the things that are most precious to him RIGHT NOW:
- his "skippy" cup
- 2 of his favorite toy cars
- Ollie his stuffed animal
- the Cars movies 1 & 2 (Ollie is sitting on the movies)

He is ALL boy!  And has completely stolen my heart!  ♥

I am looking forward to a fun-filled year with my little student!

ps - We got our free printables for the 1st Day of School HERE.