Friday, September 7, 2012

Foto Op Friday!

A few weeks back I was reading the blog The Anderson Crew.

Emily was talking about how she purposely take photos of herself & her children so that she is IN THE PHOTOS!

I often shy away from the camera because I just don't enjoy the scrutiny of the lens!

I always find a myriad of things wrong with myself.

However, I am choosing to embrace these moments & seek them out.

I want to take at least one photo of myself & WJ together in some way EACH & EVERY week........... for at least one whole year!


I wonder if I can do it!

Here's the one for this week!

This one was snapped before church.  He's wearing his patriotic {for Labor Day} jon-jon from Lolly Wolly Doodle. 

Since I've missed most of Walker's jon-jon wearing years, this Mommy is in the full swing of Operation Jon-Jon on his Bon-Bon.  I am putting my baby in jon jons as long as I can.  By this time next year, he'll have outgrown them. 

If you know my husband {or meet him one day} please thank him for not fighting me on this!  I think I would've literally cried my little blue eyes out if WJ couldn't have worn jon-jons!

Have a GREAT weekend.

And GO DAWGS!!!!

the long road


  1. Good for you, Bethany!! Great idea...I may have to steal!! For many years, I made the mistake of being Ghost Mom. I literally am not in photos from the time my kids were born til just recently. I am also very critical of myself in photos, but no more. I have also begun including myself in photos and just ignoring how I look in them! By the way, you look beautiful, dah-ling, in this photo! Keep it up! :)

    1. Thank you, Jennifer! :) Yes, I don't want to be Ghost Mom for Walker....... or for me when I look back on his years of growing up. I'm trying to remember that he'll probably never care what I look like in the photos..... he'll just be glad I'm in it.