Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Baby Boy's FIRST Labor Day!

Yesterday was WJ's very FIRST Labor Day in America with his forever family!

Daddy was off work yesterday, and {temporarily losing our minds} we took him to Legoland.

It was absolutely exhilirating for him, & totally & completely exhausting for us!!!

I mean, like, fall asleep in the car on the way home kind of exhausting!

I rarely do that, but I was pooped!!!

So............ because Legoland exhaustion took over this first-time-Mommy I totally forgot to snap our photos yesterday with his "My First Labor Day" sticker from The Preppy Ladybug.

Here are the ones I snapped today.

And, YES!  I made him turn his shirt around backwards.

And, YES!  That is unfinished wood on our deck.  {there's always a project at our house}

And YES!  The baby's Mommy is in her pink & white polka dot lounge pants so that's why she's not in the photos! 

{bless MY heart}


  1. What a cute-t-pie!! Legos. . . oh how I love Legos and all the memories I share with my boy with them. . . for every piece stepped on, vacuumed, stepped on, swept up, stepped on, all the ones I helped him put together, and all the ones I whooped with excitement for him when he could put them together himself. Enjoy every.single.moment!!! For you will blink, and WJ will have his first job, dream of getting out of the house, wiggling and wrestling to find his place and mark in this world!!!!

    1. Michele, I am TRYING to hang on to these moments, but I feel like they are slipping away with each breath I take. I do feel as if we are living fully in the moment with him, but I'm afraid of what I'll forget of these precious moments once they've passed. He's certainly my little treasure!