Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What I'm Learning About the Male Brain!

Almost every Sunday after church, my husband, my son, & I eat lunch at my Mom & Dad's house.

Usually my youngest two baby sisters & their significant others join us as well.

My little sistas will be so happy that I posted this pic!

Our last few Sundays together have proved very enlightening to me into the male brain.

{strange land that it is}

Here is what I've learned:

1.  Grown men will wear shoes that are literally falling apart!  Shoes which a certain red-headed man wears to work every day.  His response when I told him to PLEASE buy a new pair of shoes, "Well, my feet haven't gotten wet!"  Oh, good grief, Charlie Brown!

2.  College aged men will wear the same pair of socks each week.  Now as long as this brown-headed boy washes these socks, I really don't care EXCEPT for the fact that these "Sunday socks" have a hole the size of Texas in them.  Socks cost less than $5........ buy a new pair, sweet boy, BUY.A.NEW.PAIR!

3.  When little brown-eyed boys accidentally pass gas at the dinner table, it becomes a source of pride & hilarity for ALL of the men around the table.  AND said little boy will giggle & giggle despite the attempts from the poor, horrified momma to move on to a new topic of discussion.  :/

Boys, boys, boys!

What more is there to say???

I'm speechless!

And thankful I'm a GIRL!  ♥


  1. Oh, boys! Boys will be boys for sure.

  2. Re:#1 & #2...I think you are at that ALL wrong...I see an opportunity to go shopping! :)

    Re: #3...I don't know that that is exclusively a "boy thing"...I know 3 girls that think it's funny, too! :) The youngest one always says: "ewwww..." I can't help, but turn my head & laugh...then once I gain my composure, I correct them by saying that they should say "excuse me". LOL! :)