Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Walker's First Field Trip!

There is this wonderful animal rehabilitation facility in our area in which you can visit & learn about & enjoy the animals --- it is called Noah's Ark.

It is a free visit, although donations are very appreciated!

We went with some of our friends, & had a great time!

The kiddos got to see all kinds of animals.






Bunny Rabbits.

And LOTS of animal poop........... I think the poop was more exciting & humorous to the kiddos than the animals.  Go figure!

Here are a few photos I snapped during the trip!

Mama & baby chick.  So sweet!

This tiger & bear live in the same pen together.  This little bear was trying to nurse the tiger's ear.  It was presh!

Walker & his little friend, Miss B!  It's so neat to see how God has used adoption to bring both of these babies into loving families!

Fun trip for frozen yogurt after the field trip!


  1. love Noahs ark.... fyi: that was my great grandparents land many years ago!.. you were walking on my heritage!.. amen!.... you need to try dauset trails too