Monday, September 24, 2012

And so IT begins..........

You may have read a previous post of mine entitled I Eat, Therefore I Run.

In that post, I divulged that I was a runner, & was going to embark on the Hot Chocolate 15k here in Atlanta.


I've taken the plunge.

I've done the deed.

I've signed on the dotted line.

And that Finisher's Mug is as good as MINE!

Now the training begins!

I really hate training!!!!

{boo!  hiss!}

I like the way my pants fit more loosely, & I can eat more food........

I like how I feel disciplined & kinda awesome!

But I hate HAVING to run!

I guess it's my old sin nature creeping up on me.

But why exactly do I hate the discipline that training for a long run brings????

Mostly, I think it might have something to do with the fact that it will mean that I actually have to set my alarm & get up & RUN before Little Bit wakes up!

Which also means that I have to get up before my husband does!

Ugh!  Dreading it!

Don't you just feel so sorry for me - - - - - this whiny, grown woman?

Of course you do!  Because you're nice!

I could really use some encouragement here, peeps!  ♥


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! I certainly hope so. :)
      Sweetly Yours,

  2. Good luck! I have some friends participating in the 5K. It sounds like a fun run :-)

    1. Thanks, girl! I'm really looking forward to that chocolate at the end. :)

  3. looks fun...i went and looked at it, love the hoodies

    1. I know! I am very excited about the chocolate & the hoodie! :)