Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Rambling Thoughts of a New Mommy

This Mommy thing is exhausting!

It's hard!

It's never-ending!

It's rewarding!

It's sweet!


I never knew that a child could {literally} talk you to death!!!!

I've been close to death's door several times lately!

I never knew that a little boy could love his Mommy so much!

It's the sweetest thing!

I never knew that there would actually be days {in a row} that I wouldn't make it out of my hot pink polka dot pajama pants!

And the sad thing is .......... on those days, I couldn't care less!


I knew very, very well that adoption wasn't for the faint of heart.


Neither is this Mommy thing!

Somedays it TOTALLY kicks my booty, & I just can't imagine evah, evah having more than one child.

And there are other days that are sweet & precious, & I can't wait until we have another little one in this house!


I'll learn.

I'll adapt.

I'll cry.

I'll pray.

I'll ask for advice.

I'll go get a pedicure.


And then one day I'll wake up & realize that I'm no longer a new Mommy.

One day I'll be a "pro" at this Mommy thing!

I'll be seasoned yet imperfect............. just trying to do the best for my baby(s) & my family..........

Ironically, just the same as I'm doing now!  ♥


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