Monday, November 19, 2012

A Week of Thankfulness - Monday

It is hard to believe that Thanksgiving week is upon us.

I just love this time of year.

All the smells, the sights, sounds, & tastes.

The gathering of family & friends.

Fires & fuzzy socks.

Scarves & sweaters.

Pumpkin pie & peanut butter balls.

And although I try to be thankful all year long, I am rarely as thankful as I ought to be.

I want to set aside a few days this week to list a few of those things for which I'm thankful.

I encourage you to do the same!  Just leave your list in a comment below!  ♥

TODAY I AM THANKFUL............... for so many things........... but here are just three!

1.  Because we are now a family of 3!!!!  I waited & prayed and waited & prayed a long time for the Lord to fulfill this hope.  And now that He has, I am so very, very thankful to finally be a Mommy!

2.  That people loved on & knew my little boy before he was ever in my arms!  As most of you know, we became a family of 3 this summer.  Walker is 5, & had a life & experiences before we became a family.  While much of his story is sad & heart-breaking, the Lord was so kind to place missionaries & missionary teams who would visit & help out his orphanage --- bringing joy & happiness to the children.  A few of these people loved on our boy, & we are now blessed with MANY pictures of him in his younger years.

3.  For my husband.  He has taught me so much in our years of marriage.  He loves the Lord.  He loves me.  He adores our son.  He is kind.  He is gentle.  He is faithful.  He is compassionate.  There is no one I'd rather kiss for the rest of my life than him!

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