Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Week of Thankfulness - Tuesday & Wednesday

I've heard it said that the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Well, I wouldn't exactly go that far, BUT I had good intentions of blogging yesterday.  However, my blogging plans got shoved to the side when I decided to go do some wedding planning/shopping with my baby sister.

So, here is the Thankful Installment for Tuesday & Wednesday!

4.  I am thakful for my sisters!  All 4 of them! We had a lot of fun growing up together, but I think we are having even more fun being adults together!  Love those girls!  ♥

5.  My Mommy!  She is also my friend & my biggest encourager.  She loves the Lord & encourages & challenges me to be in the Word.  Love her so much!

6.  My Daddy!  He provided such a wonderful, secure, loving environment for us growing up.  He is such a good Daddy, & an ever better Granddaddy to my baby boy!  ♥

7.  First Family Photos!  Some families are formed easily & without heartache.  Ours was not!  But with much pain & heartache, came joy & love & hope!

8.  Friends!!!  I am thankful for friends who have shown their love & care & support throughout our adoption & Walker's recent medical scare.  It is times like those ............ the "thick" ......... where I am reminded in a fresh way of the dearest friends with whom the Lord has graciously blessed me.  These friends are few in number, but are worth their weight in gold!  ♥

9.  Thankful that my baby boy's cousins are Ugandan!  What a wonderful bond they have!  I love that the Lord was working & forming our family so perfectly long before Walker was home with us. 

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