Monday, December 10, 2012

Update on Walker.

November was the month we decided to see exactly how much money we could spend.

And........... how quickly we could spend it.

It was a race we didn't remember signing up for.

Our wallets were stretched.............. much like I imagine a pregnant woman's belly stretching & aching as new, little life grows inside of her.

Our "budget" was laughed at & ridiculed in the town square.

Our fears were brought to the surface........ as we scurried around trying to find answers to what was going on with our brand new, bouncing baby boy.

Our faith was tested as we waited, went to doctor's appointments, waited, had tests run, waited, called for results {like a rabid Mommy looking for answers}, and waited some more. 

In the midst of all the crazy & waiting & our own "googled" diagnoses, Peace found us.  It quietly stormed in & took us hostage.  Of course, not every moment of every day, because at times, we wrestled for that Peace.  But the Lord graciously gave us Peace in the midst of the fear & unknown. 

We were living out what we believed............ that our sweet son is a gift from the Lord.  Walker has been entrusted to us for the time we have together on earth, & there are no guarantees.  None!  No guarantee that he'll be healthy or live a long life.  BUT there is joy & happiness & peace & love & family.  And there is a faithful, kind God who walks with us through all of the yucky & the fabulous & the mediocre in between.

There is much for which to be thankful.  There ALWAYS is! 

Isn't a thankful heart the key to living life fully alive?

So, despite the thousands of dollars in medical bills, we are THANKFUL!

Thankful for our Walker.

Thankful that we've been released from the neurologist with a simple diagnosis of tics.

Thankful that our baby boy will have his first real Christmas......... one that will be full of joy & hope, family & Jesus.

Our wallet will recover, & my Starbucks withdrawals will eventually be unnoticeable to the naked eye.

Our adoption of baby #2 has been pushed back, which makes me incredibly sad.......... but I trust in the Lord's goodness through even this little {but feels huge to me} setback.  Our journey to Walker was l-o-n-g, but he was absolutely the best possible match for us.  Totally & absolutely worth the wait.......... just like baby #2 will be.

And our family is secure & hopeful & joyful in the gifts of today!



  1. Oh, I'm so very thankful it's only tics!!!! He is an absolute doll!! He had my girls (including KJ, who is like one of mine) laughing so hard on Sunday.

    1. Thank you, Michele. He is a funny bunny........ that is for sure! :)