Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Firsts I Can Claim as Mine!

It is a year of firsts around here.

I have missed so many of his other firsts.

First breath.

First smile.

First tooth.

First laugh.

First cry.

First steps.

But, thank goodness, there is still a reservoir of Firsts to be tapped.

Firsts which I am blessed & honored to call mine.

Those "firsts".  Well, I crave them, need them, look for them, revel in them, photograph them, celebrate them, & carve them ever so deeply into the walls of my heart. 

Every first revives my soul, renews my hope, restores my joy.............. and ultimately points me to my Redeemer.  The One who makes all sad things come untrue.  And that alone is worth rejoicing over!

So even something as simple as a First Gingerbread House is a BIG DEAL in this house.

For me.

And for him.

We call this style Martha Stewart Tacky.

There are elements of true design & intent here, but the execution & materials used were pretty much a flop.

We won't be winning any contests any time soon.............but who cares!  :)