Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Oh the Joys of the Mundane & Yucky.

Yesterday started with a tiny little voice calling to me from the other room.

"Moooommmyyy!  May I get up please?"

If I'm not awake yet, then Walkie Talkie comes to climb in bed with me & snuggles for a bit.

Our rank morning breaths mingling between our kisses & hugs.

Hanging in the air.  Threatening to kill one or both of us.

Somehow we make it through.

Lately, Walk has started a new routine where he get his "business" taken care of before he comes to climb in bed with me........... takes off his diaper, puts his underwear on, goes to the bathroom, lets the kitties out, & turns on all the lights in the house........ then he comes back in bed with me.

However, this morning he came to my bed side & told me that his diaper had leaked.



Doing laundry became priority.

Before snuggles & cuddles & kisses.

Ugh!  Not exactly how I wanted to start our morning............. or............. any morning ever!

Thankful that we invested in that plastic mattress cover thingy.

Chalk that up to one of our best investments.

Now fast forward to the end of the day..............

I have a headache.

The kind where every smell is intensified.

Every noise is piercing.

And every turn of the head makes you feel like your on the tilt-a-whirl.

I lay in bed waiting for it to run its course................ when I hear, "Mooooommmyyyy, come please."

I do my best to resolve the situation from my position in bed, but Little Man's persistance beckons me to actually get out of bed & personally tend to this unknown issue.

I trudge down the hall {bad attitude in tow} to the bathroom to see what is the matter.

Let's just say that my day ended "poop"-ily.........and with more laundry to do.

In spite of the grand start & finish to the day, there were so many little gifts in the mundane moments in between.

Belly laughs.
A little voice reciting Bible verses.
Kisses wet with slobber.
Nap time solitude.
The huffs & puffs & hits & grunts & laughs of Daddy/Son wrestle time.

So many gifts in just one day.

Sweet & precious.

Gentle & rowdy.

Kissable & squeezable.

There is joy even for these moments.

Especially for these moments.

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