Monday, May 13, 2013

An Open Letter to my Baby Sister {on her wedding day}

My youngest sister got married this past weekend.

It was a gorgeous wedding.

She was stunning!

Her husband married WAY out of his league!  ;)

Well........ all of us girls did, but that's beside the point.

No....... maybe that IS my point....... wait, no, it's not.

My point is that the wedding was beautiful, my sister was gorgeous, & I am so happy for her!

There are 11 years between me {the oldest} and Pooh {the youngest}.  She was my baby.  I nearly raised her...... and thanks to the intervention of my parents, she turned out GREAT!

Here is the letter I wrote to her.  The one she read on her wedding morn.

Since you were born, you were my baby girl. I was like a little momma & you were my baby. I remember always wanting to pick you up from church nursery & wanting you to sleep in my bed. Sometimes I even sneaked into your room & climbed into your bunk bed to sleep with you at night. We had a bond unlike any I had with the others!

To watch you grow into a young woman who loves God & to whom I can come to in my dark hours is amazing! I see the hand of God in your life & you living out your love for Him. It is encouraging & a pure delight.
I am immensely proud of the Jesus that I see in you. I am proud to call you my sister, my baby, my friend, & co-laborer for Christ Jesus.
Getting married has been one of the hardest challenges in my time with the Lord when compared to my single years. Your focus will naturally change some & your "free" time will be spent on different things. Don't lose Him or push Him aside. Fight for Him & your time with Him........ He's all we have. He's all we want. He's all we need!
I love you, baby Pooh Pooh!

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  1. This made my heart smile! I am praying for that kind of relationship for my girls. You girls are so blessed to have each other. I am thankful to know your family.