Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Remembering Our {Adoption} Adventure - part 10

For the next few weeks, I will be blogging about our adoption journey to Uganda & beyond!  The Lord took us on a sweet adventure to become a family of 3.  We were in Uganda adopting Walker for about 3 weeks.  There were ups & downs.  Highs & lows.  Joys & triumphs.

My husband & I chronicled our adventures on a private Facebook group we created to keep friends & family up to date on all the latest happenings.

This is a re-cap & remembering of our journey ONE YEAR ago!!!!


All dressed up for court!
Off to court we go!
May 28, 2012
Thank you all for your prayers. Today was court. We were hoping that the judge would make his ruling this afternoon, but instead he has asked us to come back tomorrow morning at 9am. Our lawyer feels confident that he’ll make a positive ruling, but of course, we won’t know until we get the paperwork tomorrow. After the ruling (& assuming that it is positive), we will head to the baby’s home to say good-bye to the "Momma" who has been WJ's primary caretaker. Then we will make the 5-ish hour drive to Kampala, & we will be staying with Sarah, my sister in law’s mother {my SIL is Ugandan.} We will be SO glad to be back in Kampala and to be with family. Our next step is to work on the visa & passport. We are hoping to have our passports by week’s end so that we can get the ball rolling on our visa. We are thinking that a very best case scenario (no delays) we would be able to leave the end of next week (June 8.) This would put us right at about the 3 ½ week mark, & this would be FABULOUS! I vowed not to say this, but we are ready to come home. It is harder to parent & discipline & establish a routine here than I expected. The food was fun & different & tolerable for the first week & a half, but now it is getting old eating out at every meal & either eating the same things or trying something new & funk-i-fied. I have eaten almost NO meat since we’ve been here; driving through towns/villages & seeing hunks of raw meat just hanging from the doorway has cured me of that. I just wonder where the meat came from, exactly what meat it is, & how it has been preserved & prepared. I stick to beans & rice, cheese pizza, g-nut sauce (boiled peanuts), chappatti, & fruits. I am not brave enough to try goat on a stick (I’ve heard horror stories). Oddly enough, I do love sleeping under the mosquito netting; somehow, it’s kind of neat to be enclosed in the netting. It’s not really all that bad here, I just miss the comforts of home……….. like non-parasitic water & good water pressure. I also would really love a tall, decaf, non-fat 2 pump White Choc mocha from Starbucks, AND a giant hamburger with Cool Ranch doritos! I very rarely drink soft drinks at home, but I am having one at lunch almost every day, & I must say that they are delicious! I will miss those!!! I do think that once we get to Sarah in Kampala that we’ll feel a little more at home, & that we’ll really enjoy our time there.

WJ seems to be bonding & attaching with us very well. He does get easily overstimulated, & then acts out the next few hours & sometimes on into the next day BUT I don’t think that’s all that unusual for even biological kids. Overall, he is a happy child, & he loves his Mommy & Daddy.

Today after nap time (Mommy’s not WJ’s), Scott was giving WJ some cookies & just talking to him. WJ was being very silly, & so Scott told him, “You are a ham.” WJ proceeded to repeat that phrase over & over while we laughed hysterically. He really loves being the center of attention, so he’ll definitely put on an adorable show for family when we get home. :) He has also started to like ordering spaghetti at meal times. The spaghetti tastes different at every place we go, & it doesn’t taste like anything we are accustomed to ---- it often has an Oriental taste to it. Weird! But the baby likes it most of the time. We were also thankful to get back the original photo book we sent to WJ at the baby home, & after naps today Scott went over the book with WJ telling him who was who & asking him to repeat who it was. Jajja & Granddaddy. Nana & Pawpaw. Aunts & uncles. Also, tonight he talked on the phone to MoMo {his cousin who was also born in Uganda.} It was very sweet!

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