Saturday, August 4, 2012

Pinkie Pooh. Blackie Boo.

I am trying to decide on a fun color combination for my Craft Room / WJ's School Room.

He & I will share the space, so I don't want it to be too girly or too kiddie.

I want the space to be special, fun, & magically able to inspire creativity and learning.

While I'm struggling with color palette & vision for this room, there is one thing with which I'm not struggling.

And that is how much I adore the PINK & BLACK color combo!

I love getting orders for these colors!!!

{I'm actually working on a Black Burlap Wreath with pink ribbon accents & sweetened with a pink/black Eiffel tower.  I CANNOT WAIT to share pics of this finished product!  Eeek!}

Here are a few of my favorite creations in this color palette.

Ragamuffin Wreath

Ribbon Wreath

Ribbon Topiary

Ready for my close-up!
The ribbon topiary was actually made to match the Ribbon Wreath, & it was hand-made with the same ribbons so that it matches beautifully!

Ways to order your own favorite color combo or Holiday home decor items???  You can order from my Etsy shop.  Send me a private message on Facebook.  Or send me an email.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

If you have any inspiration for our school/craft room, I'm all ears!