Tuesday, January 15, 2013

7 Confessions of a Recovering New Mommy

Sunday marked 7 months of Baby Boy being home.

Some days it is still hard for me to believe that we traveled half-way across the world & brought home our son.

Some days I look at him & can't believe he's really here.

Some days I look at him with such joy & delight that I still tear up.

And some days I catch my reflection in the mirror & quickly take inventory of when I last showered & brushed my teeth.

{some days are down right humbling, y'all}

In honor of Walker's 7 Monthiversary, I thought I'd give you 7 Confessions of a Recovering New Mommy.

Confession #1: There for the first few weeks/months, I was so exhausted that I actually couldn't fathom how people EVER had more than one child............. I mean, practically, how did they stay awake long enough to "make" another one???

Confession #2: I never, ever would have guessed that there would be a day where I would actually question if I brushed my teeth. Those days, thankfully, have been few & far between, but they actually exist! Ugh!!!!

Confession #3: I am late EVERYWHERE I go! It doesn't seem to matter how early I try to get Walker out the door, it just doesn't happen until 5-10 minutes later than it should be. In my pre-Mommy days I arrived either early or on-time, but Walker has blown up my near perfect record. Even when I start getting us ready early, I find out that, instead of putting on his clothes, Walker has been running around the house naked, while I've been fixing my hair & make up. I can't win for losing, so please just give me grace!

Confession #4: Rapid machine gun questioning from my 5 year old literally causes me to LOSE my ever-living mind!

Confession #5: I want to run & hide when asked, "Mommy will you play with me?" I will happily color, craft, dance, Xbox Kinect, sing, draw, & read, but there is something about "playing" with him that strikes fear in my heart. I have no idea how to "play" GI-Joes for any length of time exceeding 5 minutes.

Confession #6: My toes are ALWAYS painted! I might not put make-up on everyday, but I religiously keep my little pigs pretty!  I need to at least "feel" pretty in my t-shirt & yoga pants.

Confession #7: I WEAR FLATS! Working-Bethany always wore heels, but Mommy-Bethany is more practical than I ever believed she would be! I wear my Cheetah or Zebra flats everywhere we go. Heels only come out on Sundays or date nights!

It's been a rude awakening to Mommy-hood, but Walker is totally worth it! I'd do it a million times over!


  1. * Yoga/sweat pants are the mommy uniform.
    * Don't feel guilty about the not knowing how to play thing...I don't really play with my kiddos that much...just my personality...he will love you for you!!
    * A wise mom once told me that trying to get out the door to go somewhere is like trying to move a boulder...you roll it a foot, and it rolls back two...totally.get.your.dillema (especially with trying to get a family of 8 out the door!!!!).
    Love and hugs!!!

    1. Thanks, girl! <3 Glad to know I'm not alone.